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September 2014

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Okay. I've got my worldcon schedule and it looks like this:

Reading from Novel Five, Thursday, 10:00 am
The Horse in Fantasy, Friday 10:00am
Signing, Friday 11:30am
City Building in Fantasy Friday 2:30pm
Kaffeeklatch Saturday 11:30pm
Religion as a Setting 4:00pm

Given my other interests and commitments, that means that Melinda and I are free for breakfast any day, lunch Wednesday and Saturday, dinner Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We leave early Sunday morning.

So please let me know if you want to get together at any of these times and if so, where. I don't know Denver at all.

Second thoughts about Jame's appearance. I realized as soon as I had posted it that my image of Jame with the bright eyes and flying hair was that of a child, and an anime child at that. Only the rueful smile rings true through out her life, given an extra twist by her scarred cheek. But that doesn't happen until Seeker's Mask. Still, I expect she'll keep that gamin element, except when in a rage.


Sort of like Mononoke Hime?

Or maybe the Battle Angel Alita version by James Cameron?

Hmmm, I did get a feudal Asian flavour for the whole society idea of the Kencyrath - as far as we saw anyway, the Arrinken being rarely on screen, so to speak.
oops that Alita mockup is in truth from the film Underworld Evolution

still I think she'd work type-wise.
Yes, definitely Kate Berkinsale, maybe post-Tentir. She's got the look, the presence, and the moves. All she lacks, at least in Underworld, is Jame's sense of humor.

The anime girl could work, although even with the bloody face she doesn't look all that dangerous.
I'm not sure you ever said she *looked* dangerous, especially with retracted claws and to observers without some residual psychic sense. And I don't think it's possible to look as dangerous as Jame is.

> I don't understand why you would be afraid of Jame, though, she is quite
> the honorable person.

"Er, the Destruction aspect of the One True God is using Jame as a
drinking straw to blow bubbles into the soda pop of creation; this
would scare me lots and lots. :)" -- Neelakantan Krishnaswami
Who is Neelakantan Krishnaswami, your alter-ego? I think the point is that Jame is very dangerous, but she's surrounded by people who can't see past her surface. She's the "baited trap" for such as they, and they usually don't understand her sense of honor or its high price, to her or to anyone who crosses it.
No, he/she was someone on Usenet, who said that in some discussion thread years ago; I saved it to a quotes file.
Re:your live journal note, thanks for pointing this panel out to me. I went through the program book last night and completely missed it. You're right, I'm terrible at small talk except among people I know well.
My mum always used to say: Insight is the first step on the way to improvment ... not that it always has worked for me. But being self-aware means problem-recognition (and if one has the guts - I haven't got any with regards to my weight, for example) and possible problem solving.

P.S. I find white on black harder to read. Do you like it for the atmosphere, considering you have the same choice on your website?
Well, I've recognized a lot of problems with myself, but only successfully overcome a few, or so it sometimes seems. On the other hand, one of the advantages of growing older is that such problems get put into perspective. That became clear to me while dealing with my parents' deaths (one of them grotesquely prolonged) and my own apparently doomed writing career (I speak here, most recently, of the MM meltdown). Now I try to concentrate only on what I can control, i.e. the quality of my writing. I'm lucky, though, that the deaths of my parents have provided me with an inheritance which has allowed me to stop teaching and which, with care, should see me safely through "retirement"-- that is, a return to my true if so far unprofitable vocation). In some respect, through scant virtue of my own, I've been very lucky.

About the LJ format, I'm experimenting. Judith Tarr already uses the one I would prefer. Here's another that might do.

My eyes thank you

That's certainly easier to read. I have a free account - since it's mostly for commenting and my own blog is at (when I blog, that is) - but I think as a paying account you ought to be able to put in custom-made layouts

Here are some links about the subject I found
At least the first page of these layouts might be interesting:
Or this lady - only the later layouts have previews:
There's even a community for it here, with all sorts of layouts

Re: My eyes thank you

I'll look into it when I get back from Denver. It bugs me as an artist that I can't design my own page, but will check out your links and see what can be done.

Re: My eyes thank you

I never was an artist but when I was a student still (and I really tarried at that stage) I had the time to learn a bit about html and css - enough to adapt layouts designed by other people for my own purposes - I haven't kept up with it, really: my point is - you need to have time for that, but if you do it's not too hard to get at least that far.

If your time goes into book writing these days, I can handle white writing on black background any day ;) (okay, this year is bad for my eyes anyway, but I have found that as I crossed into my 40ies, my eyesight has gotten somewhat worse - then again increased usability is always good, you catch more visitors that way).
I've found some pictures of Kiera Knightly from the movie Domino where she shows some Jame-like tendencies - mostly destroying everything she loves and being banged up something fierce. Take a peek:!AD3CE980F23C9EC6!495.entry

BTW: I don't agree with the review on this page. I thought the movie was great.
Yike. She definitely looks hard-bitten. I think I'd like a bit more vulnerability for Jame, even if it's an illusion.
Well she is an actress - she can look softer. Did you see her in Pride and Prejudice? She was very vulnerable at points. Even hysterical when her sister Lydia goes missing. She's very good.
Oh cripes. She was Elizabeth? I loved that movie! All objections withdrawn.
Lizzy Bennet AND Domino - she totally rocks.

I would love to have breakfast with you and Melinda Thursday morning. It would be so nice to be able to talk to you without standing in a crowded noisy party room.
Great! We'll see you before the reading. 8 or 8:30 somewhere? I suppose the Hyatt Regency has a restaurant, unless you know of someplace else.


Thursday morning breakfast would be great for me, too, if there's room for another person. Hotel breakfasts are usually not bad, don't know of other places in Denver. Convenience is probably best...

B. O'Brien
Okay. We'll meet you Thursday around 8:15 at whatever Hyatt restaurant serves breakfast. So far, there's just the three of us, but others are welcome.
Sounds good. I need to get some stuff done at work today, and then will be leaving a little earlier than usual to head north to Denver. Lody, our elderly Collie was following me around the house with a quizzical expression this morning, realizing That Something Was Up. Fortunately, she likes the young woman who will be caring for horses, dog, and house.


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